Who We Are

An Anchor in the Storm

Acts Christian Transitional Services is a Non-Profit Human Services Agency that provides shelter and services to homeless individuals in Philadelphia, PA.

primary mission of ACTS is to “Improve The Quality Of Life” for the homeless and transitionally needy.

ACTS Recovery House is committed to continually support individuals who have a foundation in the twelve step recovery program, while working on medical and psychological concerns that are often associated with early recovery.

The women who have entered our house attend treatment during the day, have found a positive way to establish a working sober support system in the community during their free time, and return home to reunify and support each other.

Our Mission

Acts Services

To enhance self–reliance & empower those in need. To provide residents with a clean and safe environment. To deliver excellent services in a professional & friendly setting. To support our residents as they move to self-sufficiency

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for the homeless and the transitionally needy, serving as an effective force in the field of Human Services and Family Preservation through emergency and transitional housing, education, supportive programming and community involvement.

Make a Donation

Acts Christian Transitional Services helps homeless families mend their lives.
The families who turn to us for help achieve stability through our shelter as well as on-site counseling, employment, parenting and children’s programs. We invite you to join others who share a commitment to empowering individuals, families, and communities in the Philadelphia region through making a financial donation.

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Acts Services - An Anchor in the Storm