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Our History

ACTS Services was founded in 1976 by Bishop Kenneth S. Gantt and Apostle Marlella E. Gantt. Our founders had a vision of serving God and helping the lives of those in poverty and despair in the City of Philadelphia. The vision that was built by our founders is living on through the direction of our Executive Director, Ms. Jennean Gantt. 


ACTS Services provides emergency housing to homeless individuals within the City of Philadelphia. Our programs and partnerships help our participants with resources and information to get their lives back on track.


ACTS Services is determined to not only help the participants improve their life through their individual situations and circumstances, but to also make a difference within the community and within the City of Philadelphia.


Within forty-four years of operations, ACTS Services has shown love, grace, and mercy to the people of Philadelphia. In its continuation, ACTS strives to help each participant through resources, love, and encouragement; which continuously helps ACTS Services to progress and thrive on!

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