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ACTS Services Partnerships 

Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services: 

Homeless Services works collaboratively with more than 60 mostly nonprofit, homeless housing and service providers combined with city, state and federal governmental entities to comprise Philadelphia’s homeless service system or Continuum of Care (CoC).  This system provides emergency housing and services to people who are both experiencing homelessness and at imminent risk of homelessness.  It includes homelessness prevention and diversion, emergency, transitional and rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, case management, supportive services, emergency response, service days (clean up of encampments), food and commodity distribution to contracted emergency housing facilities and soup kitchens and operation of the Riverview, a personal care home.



JeffHOPE is a group of student-run free clinics that operates under the guidance of Jefferson’s Department of Family and Community Medicine. Students go to four homeless shelters and one needle exchange, harm reduction program in Philadelphia every week to provide acute, basic medical care and help individuals and families experiencing homelessness access resources and healthcare providers that are better equipped to care for them long-term.


Thomas Jefferson University | Council for Relationships:


Council for Relationships is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people from all walks of life improve their important relationships by providing exemplary therapy, educating and training clinicians in the family systems approach, and advancing the behavioral health field through research.


PHMC | Housing Focused Case Management: 


PHMC Provides housing focused case management to families and single participants residing at ACTS.


RHD | FaSST Connections:


FaSST/Connections (Family Shelter Support Team) is a behavioral health care unit that provides evaluation, linkage, and coordination of services to individuals and families living in various shelters. FaSST/Connections’ primary outcome is to engage families with a history of mental health problems and/or substance abuse.


Community Council:


Provides comprehensive mental health and educational services to adults and children.


JEVS Human Services: 


JEVS Human Services enhances the employability, independence, and quality of life of individuals through a broad range of programs.


Keystone First:


Keystone First is committed to helping people get care, stay well, and build healthy communities. Keystone First offers all of the benefits and services of regular Medical Assistance, plus special programs and benefits



Smith Play Ground and Play House: 


Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse provides and promotes opportunities for unstructured free play for children.


Bright Horizons Foundation for Children | Bright Spaces:


Bright Spaces are warm, safe, enriching places in homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and other agencies for children and youth experiencing homelessness or other crises to:

  • build caring relationships,

  • heal from trauma through play, and

  • experience the joy of childhood.

BELL  (Building Early Links for Learning):


To support the healthy development of children ages 0-5 experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia, the emergency / transitional housing homeless system (EH) has partnered with the early learning community (ECE) to improve how it serves young children and to promote resilience by easing access to high quality early learning programs.

This project is called Building Early Links for Learning (BELL). Children in emergency or transitional housing are among the most difficult and challenging to support. They are highly mobile, often times before coming into the homeless system. Systems designed to serve their housed peers often cannot adjust to this challenge. In addition, the homeless housing system is generally focused on the adult and not on children.
​BELL has two goals:
      (1) to promote healthy development for young children
      (2) to build relationships between the education liaisons and early childhood programs


Food Connect:


Helps food rescue and hunger relief efforts in real time so surplus food can get to where it needs to go. Food Connect leverages smart technology to pool resources and make deliveries efficient.


Mill Creek Baptist Church:


Nazarene Baptist Church:


Women Against Abuse:


Thomas Jefferson University College of Architecture:

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